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Product Description

 Sizzle Without The Lines! ☀️

Achieve the perfect tan without the hassle of tan lines with our Paradise Tan-Through Bikini. Designed for sun-loving individuals who crave both style and functionality, this bikini offers the ultimate solution for seamless sunbathing sessions.

Did you know?

It takes up to 8 weeks to even out harsh tan lines! This can be very unflattering and stressful especially if you want to wear that off the shoulder top you love. 

The Solution

Paradise is crafted from a specially engineered fabric that allows sunlight to pass through the micro perforations in the fabric layers resulting in even and golden tan.

Our bikinis dry 7x faster then ordinary swimsuits, significantly reducing the risk of UTIs.

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  • Tan-Through

    Reduces and prevents harsh tan lines.

  • Quick Drying

    Dries 7x faster then other swimwear.

  • Premium Quality

    Highest quality fabric for ultimate softness.

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Get A Sexy, Even Tan

Experience the freedom of a perfect tan with our innovative bikini design.







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Beware Of Knockoffs

Many competitors sell "Tan Through" bikinis that utilize low-quality materials that fail to allow the sun's UV rays through. Our bikini is crafted with care using high-quality materials to ensure optimal sun penetration.

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  • Sun-Kissed Perfection!

    "I'm all about that golden tan, and this bikini helps me achieve it with no problem. The tan-through fabric is a game-changer – no more weird tan lines or awkward sunburns. I feel like a bronzed goddess every time I wear it!"


  • Confidence Boosting Curves

    "This bikini is a game-changer for curvy women like me! It fits my figure perfectly, giving me the confidence to rock it at the beach. Thanks for making swimwear that celebrates real badies!"

    - VANESSA J.

  • Comfortable and Cute!

    "Comfort is key when it comes to swimwear, and this bikini nails it. The fabric is soft and stretchy I'm actually in love with this bikini"

    - GISELLE A.

  • Beach-Ready Confidence Boost!

    "I've always been self-conscious about wearing bikinis, but this bikini changed everything. It's comfortable and gives me just the right amount of coverage to feel confident whenever I wear it. I never thought I'd feel this good in a swimsuit!"


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How does the Paradise Tan Through Bikini work?

It is made with a unique fabric that contains microscopic holes, allowing UV rays to pass through evenly. This innovative technology ensures that you can achieve a seamless tan, eliminating the contrast between tanned skin and tan lines while maintaining full coverage and privacy.

Will the bikini become see-through when wet?

Absolutely not! The bikini is crafted from high-quality, water-resistant materials that ensure it remains opaque, even when wet. The fabric's integrity and coverage are designed to maintain your privacy and comfort.

Does the bikini offer UV protection?

While our bikini is not specifically designed for UV protection, the fabric does provide some level of coverage. However, for extended sun exposure, we recommend pairing it with sunscreen for added protection.

Will the fabric lose its shape over time?

The fabric used in our tan through bikini is specifically designed to maintain its shape and integrity over time, even with frequent use and washing. You can enjoy your bikini's fit for many seasons to come!

Can I wear the Bikini in a chlorinated pool or saltwater?

The bikini is designed to withstand both chlorinated water and saltwater. The fabric is durable and resistant to the effects of chlorine and salt, ensuring the bikini retains its shape, color, and tan-through functionality over time.

Can I wash the bikini in a washing machine?

Yes, Our bikini is machine washable. Just remember to follow the care instructions on the label to keep it in great condition.

Why Us?

See how we compare to other swimwear brands.

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Leaves Tan Lines


7x Fast Drying


Gentle Fabric


Cost Effective


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